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You're probably thinking "Hey, wait, how could I possibly read and understand this lengthy text in merely two seconds? Why is is that every time I turn around, I have to think fast? Why can't I just relax every once in a while?" Many people feel this way. You are constantly flashed subliminally short messages, and there's no quantifying the frustration they cause, not to mention the cumulative psycho-stress.

But you are right - you do not have time to read this entire page in two seconds, so FOR THE LOVE OF GOD - CLICK THE MOUSE!! JUST PICK A SPOT AND START CLICKING!!! This page will be gone soon. But again, it is not so much this message that is the problem. If you fail to act, the only consequence is that you will be sped on your way to a randomly selected web page, which is most likely what you had intended in the first place. No, the harm comes from the rigors of your everyday life--the thousands of split-second decisions you must make every day.

What is happening right now is of little consequence, unless, of course, you want to do something other than what is GOING TO HAPPEN IN LESS THAN TWO SECONDS!! MOVE!!! FOR GOODNESS SAKE, DO SOMETHING! Or, relax. Just relax.